10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job

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Looking for a job is quite challenging. Even though you have your four-year course diploma, luck will not be always by your side. Job is nowhere to be found and sometimes, it would take a couple of months or maybe a year before you finally find a job suitable for you. They say that opportunity knocks only once so better grab it when it is just right in front of your face waiting for your nod. For some first timers, it could be so exciting. Earning because of your hard work is self-rewarding.

At first, you are so driven. Your enthusiasm is unmatched. Months later, you will discover things that you consider off. Gossips in the workplace, bossy workmates, a toxic boss, crab mentality of the people around, unethical practices, and other things that you may find shady. Others say that you shouldn’t be picky on jobs, but other employees still tend to quit because of different reasons. Salary is the most common issue, but many employees still tend to leave their job even though they receive high salary and they were promised of promotion.

If you are one of those people who are looking for valid reasons on why you should quit your job, just read on. Some of these could also be warning signs that your current employer or current workplace jeopardizes your well-being as a employee.

1. There is a better career opportunity

The most common reason why employees are quitting their job is because of low pay. They struggle to make a living because their salary is not enough to make ends meet. If you are in the same boat, choosing the better option that is immediately available for you is enough reason for you to leave your current job.

2. You want to change your career path

If you badly want a paradigm shift, then follow your guts because it is better to earn money while doing what you love. If high pay does not concern you that much, go for a career that will make your heart genuinely happy and fulfilled. Living in your passion is more rewarding than earning that much. Well, only if you believe that money can’t buy happiness. LOL!

3. Your boss and/or workmates suck

You do not want to go to work with a heavy heart because you will be meeting again your toxic boss or colleagues. If the people around your workplace suck, knock them off with a resignation letter. You do need those kinds of negativities in life.

4. You don’t feel happy and fulfilled

Fulfillment in what you are doing is so important because it could increase productivity and is good for your well-being. If you feel that your job is not what your heart desires, then you may consider discovering what you really want and pursue it even if it takes you to quit your job.

5. Lesser pay, more responsibilities

Who would want to work their ass off only to live from hand to mouth because of a meager salary? Stop working for peanuts because you don’t deserve to work at your maximum effort yet receiving minimum pay as a return. We work as individuals who need to earn, we are not slaves.

6. Dissatisfaction in work environment

You do not have to live by the ruthless policies of your company or settle with bare minimum. You deserve more so get off that office desk and start looking for a better job that will suit your needs and at the same time will satisfy you enough with their healthy work environment.

7. Personal growth is too slow

Staying in that job for too long but personal growth and professional development remain stagnant hinders you to maximize your potentials. Quit your job if your superiors do not give you the opportunity to grow. It would be your loss in the long run if you will not seek improvement and development. Keep in mind that investing on your skills is a wise move most especially you are looking forward for a promotion someday.

8. Working schedule is not healthy for you

There are jobs that demand more time and effort, some have graveyard shifts, and others require you to have your overtime. However, if your health is being compromised and your employer does not seem to care, then leave. Just look for another one that will not force you to work like a horse.

9. Your worth as an employee is being neglected

Being shouted at, being forced to do duties that are not in your job description and being deprived of your benefits as an employee are total red flags. Remember that your dignity and rights should not be stepped on. Do not stay if your company is not doing anything to resolve this issue.

10. Plan of pursuing other goals

Sometimes, your current job hinders your other goals in life such as becoming a hands-on parent, being a full-time traveler, and living your life to the fullest. If you think that your goals are being held back because of your job, you might want to consider quitting. It won’t make you less as a person if career will not be the center of your life.


They say that quitters never win, but I beg to disagree. Sometimes, we win in life because we are brave enough to free ourselves from the things that hold us back. By quitting, we will always find ourselves looking for something to make us feel fulfilled, to fill that void, and to finally discover what our heart really yearns for. It is not that easy, because there are a lot of things to compromise – your financial security, the people who are dependent on you, and the rare opportunity to find for another job.

It is frightening to quit our jobs because there is always this fear that we might not find another opportunity, most especially those who are not born with a silver spoon. Many of us badly need to earn for a living, but many of us are also brave enough to let go of it because we know that we deserve better.

It is okay to quit because it opens another door. You just have to be tough enough to start all over again and go through the process.

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