1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max for Over P100K: Is It Worth It to Buy ?

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It is the crazy time of the year again when Apple teases millions of people with the new breed of their iPhones. With the new prospects of the iPhone 13 most especially when it comes to doubling up the storage of the iPhone generations before, reviews all over the Internet came out right after the launch. As usual, there is a lot of ‘toing and froing’ whether it is worth it to buy 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max for Over P100K because you know, the price is too overwhelming just for a phone. The new iPhones arrive in new different colors but the shape and size are just the same compared with the iPhone 12 series.

Aside from the generous storage that the iPhone 13 Pro Max could bring to the table, hobbyists and freelancers who are into photography and cinematography could be lured to its big camera features that the previous iPhone generations do not have, plus the longer battery life so owners will not be stressed out anymore with their exhausted phone storage. Tech enthusiasts once again got thrilled on the upgrades and Apple’s die-hard fans were torn anew whether to purchase a new one or just let themselves drool over those ‘enticing’ features.

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Let us go back to this question: “Is it worth it to buy 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max for over P100K?” Here are the five reasons why you should buy it and why you shouldn’t.

Why You Should Go for It?

1. You are into cinematography and photography

Apple boasts the new camera features of the iPhone 13 Pro Max because this model flaunts the biggest camera advancements. After all, it allows users to gain incomparable experience in the art of cinematography and photography. The new iPhone also offers macro photography, slow motion, time-lapse, and movie-like transitions even on the new Ultra-Wide camera with a better-quality low-light performance. With this, taking quality photos and videos comes in handy anytime, anywhere.

2. You want a market-leading phone when it comes to power and performance

This iPhone is the ultimate game-changer for hobbyists, freelancers, and gamers because it gives utmost performance plus the convenience it gives for its users. Having an A15 CPU with one additional GPU core, no phone could match its powerful performance to date, that is why this phone is perfect for hard-core users.

3. You use your phone to the absolute maximum

If you want to level up your experience or you are usually dwelling in graphics-intensive applications, then you should purchase this iPhone Pro Max. Since it is the most powerful phone in the market and has impressive battery life, it can lure the iPhone fanatics most especially those who rely on their daily virtual activities on their mobile phones.

4. You own a version older than iPhone 12

From iPhone generations older than iPhone 12, it is safe to say that upgrading to iPhone 13 is a great leap because you could really determine the massive upgrades but if you will be coming from iPhone 12 models, you will not be impressed that much because yes, the changes are identifiable, but we could not totally say that the new features stand out compared to iPhone 12. So, if you got an older version or an Android phone, then iPhone 13 would be a blast.

5. Spending over P100K for a 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max does not hurt the pocket

Well, if you are rich and your goal is to always have the newest and most expensive iPhone release, then there is no reason to think twice about buying this phone. There is nothing questionable about the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max other than its price so if money is not an issue, why hesitate?

Why You Shouldn’t Buy the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max?

1. Your country does not support 5G

Going after iPhone 13 Pro Max just because of 5G connectivity is a wrong move if your location does not support 5G just like in the Philippines. Our country is behind in 5G so we cannot get the perks. Also, Apple is already late with the 5G support. Other top-performing Android phones, even the mid-range ones, already had this long before.

2. There are better Android phones with half of the price of iPhone 13 Pro Max

Would you buy 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max for over P100K? Probably not if there is a sea of Android phones to choose from such as the OnePlus 9, Google Pixel 5A, and Samsung Galaxy S21. Hands down to Galaxy and Pixel line ups as high-end phones that could match iPhones in terms of performance and quality features and at the same time could save you a king’s ransom.

3. There are still displeasing restrictions

It is such a turn-off when you shell out over P100K for this iPhone but you have to deal with annoying restrictions such as inconvenient Bluetooth transfers, a locked filesystem, limits with the UI customization, and too expensive accessories. Why can’t they give what the users deserve for spending a whopping P100K, right?

4. It is just a status symbol with a marketing trick “the more expensive, the better quality”

To be honest, iPhones and iPads are a status symbol of wealth because you are burning money for something too expensive when actually, there are a lot of cheaper options with much better phone features and performance. Also, people are tricked by the idea that if a product is more expensive, it is always better than the cheaper ones. Well, not for this phone.

5. You are not an intensive phone user

If you are usually just hopping from one app to another as part of your daily social media activities and going around taking quick shots, then you do not have to be desperate over this iPhone most especially if you are also considering the budget. You could get the same experience with Android phones that have much lower prices but could satisfy you with the quality.


Sure, no matter how expensive the Apple products are, they could still maintain a massive number of loyal users even though at times, their prices are just so hard to justify. Despite the criticisms that they are receiving, we cannot deny that they are really producing quality products. It is just, sometimes, their prices are skyrocketing even though we see that it is not really worth it. In the end, it is still the consumers’ decision whether to purchase the products or not.

No matter how we see it as unreasonable to burn money for such products, it is none of our business anymore if millions of people are still hooked with Apple products. They are rich, they can afford it. As long as they want to own it and have bucks to spend for the 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max for over P100K, then that is where the conversation ends.

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