20 Reasons Why Being Single is Awesome

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Today, being single is the new trend, or may be the new norm. 

Yes, having a significant other is cool, but being single is also awesome and relatable. After all, true happiness comes from within, and not from the outside.

It is not something that’s simply handed down or given to you.

IT IS A CHOICE you decide to pursue – for yourself.  And being single doesn’t mean a bad choice, while being in a relationship does make it good.

Here are 20 Reasons Why Being Single is Awesome

1. Freedom to focus on yourself.

One of the best freedoms is freedom of mind – knowing who you are and what you want without being controlled or dictated by someone.  Self-freedom allows you to build yourself a happy life.

2. No arguments, no drama.

You’re not worried – if you’re going home late, or not texting, or having a good time with others.

3. You can party all night.  

Who doesn’t love partying and drinking all night? It’s even more enjoyable to know that no one will stop you, like Cinderella who needs to be home by 12:00 midnight – Hey, the party is just starting by then!

4. Literally, no boundaries and restrictions set.

You can do whatever you want without being restricted or being dictated on what you’re going to do.

5. You’re way richer to manage your own money. 

You don’t need to buy presents on your anniversaries.

6. Have the opportunity to travel.  

Spend all your hard-earned saving from skipping meals! You can travel alone or with your friends. Travel is essential; it is an investment for today’s generation.

7. Have sex without strings attached.

It’s not cheating because you’re single! It is a perfect balance to have fun and intimacy.

8. Have fun meeting friends and new people.

You’re always open to meeting and entertaining new people. It’s cool if no one interrupts a good conversation going on.

9. Manage your own time.

You handle your own schedule. No need for an approval when going on a night out with friends or having to work overtime.

10. You can be selfish.

Selfish in a way that you only need to buy things just for you. While all your friends complain about how they must do this or that for their significant others, you can do whatever you want.

11. A lot of time to reflect.

Enjoy the adventure in life and figure out what is really important to you. Self-reflection develops better thinking and better focus for what you truly desire.

12. Life is more adventurous.

Living an adventurous life doesn’t mean you’re engaging in physical and tiring adventures. It is a thrilling action embracing the unpredictable outcomes of your decision all by yourself.  

13. Explore new hobbies.

There’s always a room for new experiences, to try new things. When you’re single, you can do all the activities that you’re eager to try.

14. Customize your own space.

Your space should be unique to match your personality and needs. It’s hard if someone keeps nagging you when you’re organizing.

15. Travelling while working.

No need to worry about leaving your significant other when you’re transferred far away. LDR? What is that? Just enjoy the work while having fun. Surely, it’s work and leisure.

16. Becoming stronger.

You can heal alone by reflecting on yourself, leaving your past behind and start moving forward. The power of healing lies in your heart and soul. That’s a pretty tough thing to do, really! But, hey, what hurts you makes you stronger.

17. A lot of opportunities to accept things as they are.

When you’re alone, you’re more flexible – in time and freedom. You might find things appealing to you – something you’ve never considered before.

18. Being independent.

Being single means, you live alone. It’s kind of awesome when you’re learning to do the things you didn’t do before, and you do them now, all by yourself. That’s being independent.

19. Searching for the one.

You have time to look for the one. It’s quite trilling to find your suitable partner. Well, you still have the opportunity to prepare and improve yourself.

20. It’s happier when you settled.

You’ve been single for a long time and have accomplished your goals in life, maybe it’s time to commit yourself with someone – and settle down. After all, the ultimate fulfilment of love is to live with your significant others – FOREVER. Life is a journey, and being with someone is the end of your singlehood – BUT the beginning of another journey towards HAPPINESS.

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