5 Simple Saving Tips this 2022

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Saving money can help you in your hour of need and ensure that you will not disrupt if life takes an unexpected turn. Savings is just a word for some until this pandemic hits the country. It is a mixture of regrets and lost hopes. It is beyond doubt that spending too much on something has been the norm of many people. But Dave Ramsey once said, “You must gain control over your money, or the lack of it will forever control you.” A very satisfying line to begin your 2022.

People are fond of using the famous line that says ‘You only live Once’ as their lines in spending too much. And after spending, here comes the rant with friends or social media saying adulthood is frustrating. Like yes, it is. But the only thing that frustrates you is the lack of savings. In a world of save versus spend, spend always win. And according to Bo Sanchez, there are four steps to control your finances. Stop borrowing, protect your assets, live on 70 percent of your income, and invest 30 percent of your income. Aren’t you ready to follow the steps yet? Worry no more, for it is time to lessen your daily dilemma — here are the simple saving tips for 2022.

1. Learn to say no to friends

There is nothing wrong with saying no, especially when you want to save time and money. Isn’t saying YES all the time invites you to spend more? Precisely, you cannot control your expenses when having fun. After all, saying no does not define friendship. And saying YES does not make you a better friend. If you think they will get mad by simply declining their invitation, then you probably think you are at the peak of adulthood. Assess yourself — Are you going out with them because they want to? Are you going out with them to have fun? Or are you going out with them to fulfill your drip-check? Here you go — defending the way you spend money. Well, being available when your friends need you is okay. But sometimes, you need to consider your savings. Is the nightlife with friends included in your budget? Is your extra money intended to be spent with friends?

Sometimes you need to be practical — turn your friend down and stand your ground. In the long run, a good friend will respect you, saying no, even if it is not ideal for them. Be aware of every invitation, for not all hangouts result in genuine happiness. Sometimes, regrets follow and never leave.

2. Manage your online shopping

Are you one of those people who receive parcels once a week? A kind of person who is updated on sales and very keen on tracking their orders online? Sure, a lot of people like you will tap your back. It is undeniable that online shopping is more convenient than going to the mall. Pandemic is alarming — just like your parcels. Alarming because you consume almost half of your salary. And worse, you have items in every online shopping app. A panic buyer it is. If online shopping is an investment, you do not need to work anymore. Enough with the ‘a parcel a day, keeps the sadness away’ You are not sad, you are just bored. And maybe you don’t know what to do with your extra money. It’s not too late to manage the way you shop online and bear with the saving tips 2022. Control the number of parcels you are receiving especially if it is just a result of your impulse buying. Before you order, ask yourself if you need it or is it worth buying. If not, then you better keep your money for future needs.

Online shopping is like a thief in the night that can get your 8-hour shift salary instantly if you cannot manage it. You know yourself, and you know deep down that it is more likely to happen, especially when payday is approaching. Just to remind you, you are not Pink — a willing victim.

3. Categorize your needs and wants

The term ‘need’ is defined as something you must have, while ‘want’ is something you wish to have. It is like necessity versus desire. The concept is simple, right? But the trickiest situation here is when you can’t categorize your wants and needs. You stuck with the idea of needing everything you wanted. And that is not part of the saving tips 2022. You need to grow and realize that not everything that catches your eyes is essential. Sometimes, yourself is your biggest rival in decision-making. And just in case you are fighting this kind of battle, always focus on basic needs. Your needs will save you and bring you to a healthy life. But your wants will lure you from your weakness — endless desires.

In case you find it hard to analyze, here is the leak. You need love, but you want a lover. See? If you need love, then your family, friends, and even pets are enough. They can give you that. But why are you looking for a lover? Do you need it? Do not think twice because you probably do not need someone. You want to feed your ego in this flexing world. And this goes with the things you want. If you do not need it, disregard it. As simple as that.

4. Set a yearly goal aka bucket list

One of the best saving tips for 2022 is to set a yearly goal. It will be easy for you to save money when you have a yearly target that will drive you to work hard and resist temptations. If you think you deserve everything you want, then set a bucket list. This tip will help you manage your earnings and think of something bigger than your midnight cravings. Nothing is more fulfilling than hitting the goal you once set. If you can wait for someone who’s not even sure about you, then why can’t you wait to reap the fruit of your labor then? Sounds better, right? Are you patient and dedicated? Oh, yes you are. Imagine you invest with someone not worth investing for. Kidding aside, it is time to test your ability to save. Go and write your 2022 bucket list. Challenge yourself sometimes. And when you dream of something, dream big. But make sure to exert effort in getting it too. Remember, nothing is given. Everything is earned.

Now that you know the fourth tip, do you have something in mind already? If so, you already know where you will put your money — the extra money will do. Even a piece of monthly sales cannot entice someone who is goal-oriented. So be ready to tick your bucket list at the end of the year.

5. Avoid unplanned trips

Nothing beats unplanned trips. Sometimes, it is the journey that gives you your best memories. The moments you can’t forget and the moments you wish to experience again. But to tell you some saving tips for 2022, avoid it. Unplanned trips will destroy your budget and will question your savings. You cannot save money if you allow yourself to go without a pause. Aren’t unplan trips requiring you to bring extra money? What if you do not have one? Ah yes, you will call someone to lend you money and promise to give it back on your payday. Hey, wake up! You do not need to be like that. When talking about savings, planning is essential. Do not pretend like you are a victim if you are the one who pulled the trigger.

Precious moments have something to do with unforced smiles and fake laughter. If your happiness destroys your budget, then you’re preparing for your next nightmare. Do not wait for the hunting games — debts and worries.

There is nothing wrong with buying the things you like. Yes, you work for it. But sometimes, you need to take it slow and consider your savings. In these challenging times where nothing is constant, savings hit differently. Because the more you save, the more security you have for yourself and even for your loved ones. At least you will not ask for money from anyone — you have yourself this time. Once you save, you will be amazed at how much extra money you can get from your salary. See, it’s enough. Enough for you to save and give when needed. So quit the 15th and 30th payday sale gaming. It is better to be called the ‘forever auntie/uncle’ At least you are prepared when things get rough. And yes, welcome to the adulting stage wherein security matters.

Do not be discouraged and become passive. Remember that everything you do must come from love. If you love spending things that matter, then you should love the idea of saving too. Teach yourself the importance of every coin.

Hear this out, “The art is not in making money but in keeping it.”

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