Applying for Pag-IBIG Salary Loan: What You Need to Know

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It’s a harsh truth, that no matter how you work hard and make ends meet, there would be times that what you earn is not enough for all of our spending. The bills and other expenses keep on piling up and the last thing you know, your salary just slips from your hands within a snap. You did not even get a chance to buy at least one new shirt to reward yourself.

Fortunately, banks and other government and private institutions got your back for your financial woes. They offer loans for your expenses that are beyond the capacity of your monthly salary. One of the best choices is to avail Pag-IBIG salary loan. Minor home improvement, purchasing new equipment, securing the tuition fee of your child, throwing a birthday bash, or even investing in a business would be possible, so here are the steps to achieve your personal goals through a Pag-IBIG salary loan.

What is the Pag-IBIG multi-purpose loan program?

To start with, let us know first about the nature of the loan that you are planning to avail. Pag-IBIG multi-purpose loan is a cash assistance program for Pag-IBIG members who wish to avail cash loans. You will get 80% of your accumulated contribution. As your monthly contribution increases, your loan factor upgrades as well. That means the amount of your loan is dependent on how long you have been an active member and how much you are contributing.

It comes with a 10.5 percent interest rate yearly, but part of the income derived by the loan program is returned to the members in the form of dividends, and dividends will also be based on your savings. It is payable for 24 months with a two-month grace period. For the employed, the loan will be paid through salary deduction and for the self-employed, they have to go to the branch where they applied.

Now that you know how the loan works, how much is the interest rate, and how you can pay it, the next step is to know if the steps and requirements to avail the loan.

Who are eligible?

Eligibility was set for those who want to apply for the loan program. Being an active member of the Pag-IBIG fund is the first consideration for you to be eligible. You should also post at least 24 monthly membership savings or having a total of P4,800 Pag-IBIG savings.  Make sure that you have at least one membership savings contribution within six months before the date of your application. Lastly, you should have no default accounts upon the date of application.

To make it simple, here’s your quick list:

  1. A Pag-IBIG fund member
  2. At least 4,800 Pag-IBIG savings
  3. 1 membership savings contribution within six months
  4. No existing calamity loan or house loan

If you think you’re eligible enough, then you may now proceed to the requirements and start dealing with them.

What are the requirements?

It will not give you a hard time preparing for the requirements because you probably have them beforehand. Also, almost everything you need is just right there in your briefcase or from your company’s HR department.

  1. Duly accomplished Multi-Purpose Application Loan Form (MPAFL). If you do not want a hassle getting one from the nearest Pag-IBIG branch, you can download the form from the Pag-IBIG website (
  2. Photocopy of at least two (2) valid IDs. Have photocopies of your IDs. You might want to have copies of more than 2 IDs if you still have backups just to be sure. Even though they are asking for the photocopy, you still need to bring the original copies for verification. For your convenience, here is the list of acceptable valid IDs:
  3. Company ID
  4. Passport
  5. Driver’s license
  6. Voter’s ID
  7. Postal ID
  8. PRC ID
  9. OFW ID
  10. SSS Card
  11. GSIS Card
  12. Senior Citizen Card
  13. Barangay Certification / Barangay ID
  14. OWWA ID
  15. Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
  • Proof of Income. You must have a copy of your payslip authenticated by your finance department. You also have a choice to manually write it at the back portion of your application form but see to it that it will be authenticated because if it is not, then it will be denied. If you are self-employed, you have to prepare a business permit, commission vouchers, and other proof of income.
  • Other data that you need to secure. Aside from the requirements, you also need to have some of the following information:
  • SSS or GSIS number
  • Employer/Company Name
  • Signature of Office Head/ or Authorized Representative
  • Agency Code and Branch Code of Pag-IBIG Fund office

What are the steps in applying for the loan?

After accomplishing all the requirements, go to the nearest Pag-IBIG branch. To make sure that you are heading the right place, ask your HR which branch has jurisdiction over your company. If you go to the wrong branch, your application will be denied. As you head to the branch, here are the steps that you have to go through.

  1. Proceed to the reception area and staff will check if you have all the documents needed for the application. If you have it all, they will give you a number to wait for your turn.
  2. Wait for your number to appear on the screen. It will also indicate which counter you’ll be heading to process your documents. It will not consume an hour for the transaction.
  3. The staff will check your application. Once approved, they will give you STL Acknowledgement Receipt along with the cash card where your loan will be credited.
  4. If you will be given a check for your loan, you need to go back to the given schedule.
  5. You just have to wait for less than a week. Once you receive a text message or e-mail confirming that your Pag-IBIG loan was already credited, then you may now claim your cash based on the mode given to you.

 It’s just an easy and fast transaction, right? You do not need to go through the hustle and bustle of delayed government transactions.

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What if I want to apply online?

 If you wish to apply online due to restrictions brought by the pandemic, the good news is that the Pag-IBIG fund is now allowing the applicants to have their online application. You have to go through the same requirements and after accomplishing them, submit the pertinent documents to your HR department and let them work on your application.

You can also use the Virtual Pag-IBIG platform that can be accessed through this link, Register for an account and follow the steps embedded in the website.

 If you are self-employed, have a PDF copy of the duly accomplished application form along with the scanned copies of the necessary documents to process your application. Send the copies to the e-mail address of the nearest Pag-IBIG fund branch.        

Final Thoughts About Applying for PAG-IBIG Salary Loan

Pag-IBIG salary loan is like a one-call away friend in times of emergency. As long as you accomplished all the requirements needed and qualified enough, then it would be so easy for you to get one step closer to your goals through the help of this loan program.

But just like friendships, it must be built upon trust. Within just a week, you will receive what you hope for so might as well be accountable to settle your financial responsibilities on time. Obviously, you do not want to carry the burden of interest rates and be embarrassed if other people knew about your unpaid debts.

There is nothing wrong with wanting something more, but you have to be responsible enough to deal with the things entailed to what you wish to have.

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