5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Bea Alonzo’s Network Transfer

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Leaving a place that has been your home and comfort for two decades is a bit scary and thrilling. Goodbyes come with uncertainties because we do not know what awaits us in a new beginning. It is like a rebirth. We are going back to zero when it comes to great changes and transitions that will welcome us in the new phase.

Some people will walk out from our lives once we leave, while some of them stay no matter where our journey takes us.

You see, we cannot bring along with us all the people and things that we had in our previous home because not everyone and everything are meant to stay, not even you.

Recently, the media went wild with Bea Alonzo’s network transfer.

The netizens aired their reactions with this big news and the issue was stirred with controversies when other celebrities from ABS CBN network, Bea’s former home network, posted their reactions as well.

Some celebs and other well-known media personalities have different reactions. Some were neutral, while some are either empathetic or throwing their shade against the actress.

The reactions and how the people handled the issue are divided, but whatever the truth is, here are the five important lessons I’ve learned from Bea’s network transfer.

It is not just in the perspective of the actress but of those who were left behind as well.

1. Life is more thrilling when you take risks

Many people are uncomfortable with change and are afraid of goodbyes. We cannot blame them. There is really something frightening when you entered a new dimension of unfamiliarity because you will be starting to grope in the dark again. But life is like a roller coaster ride, either you will enjoy your journey and be brave to face the twists and turns, or you will let your fear consume you.

Changes are constant and we cannot run away from them. Goodbyes are inevitable because nothing is permanent. These notions might sound displeasing but if we are going to look at it in another perspective, life is more interesting when things are not stagnant.

2. People will turn their back on you, not everyone is meant to stay

We do not know the real story why Bea left her home network for 20 years. There are a lot of hearsays about her transfer but another I’ve learned is that you cannot take everyone with you in your new journey. Some people will turn their back on you because you chose change.

Along your way to a new chapter, you will realize that you are not with the same people anymore along the ride. I do not know if it is a good or bad thing, but one thing is for sure, not everyone is meant to stay by your side. Some will only be there when it is convenient while some will just stay only if you are in the same page.  

3. Leaving means losing and gaining

Leaving always has a negative connotation attached to it but leaving does not always mean a bad thing. It could be both extremes because along our way of leaving the life we used to live, we could lose and gain things at the same time.

No matter how much we cling to someone or something, they will slip away from us if they are not meant to stay. It might hurt us, but it is the law of nature. Someone or something has to leave, costing our own happiness. We cannot do anything about it and that is the lonesome part of departing. Despite all these, we will always have something to gain.

Sometimes, when we leave, that is when we found ourselves being at our very best and when we try to look back, we would sigh and relief and would be grateful for leaving.

4. You need to brave your way out of your comfort zone to find something fulfilling

Being too comfortable in the life we are living and stopping to explore hinder us to test our limits. We are too blinded by the comfort to the point that we are always choosing what is easy and convenient.

However, we fail to notice that we are not going anywhere only to realize in the long run that we are still in the same place, but we haven’t accomplished anything. We have doubts, uncertainties, and what ifs, but courage and guts should dominate our worries if we want to discover what our heart truly desires.

We will traverse bumpy roads but once we reached out destination, we could finally realize that everything is worth it because we choose fulfillment over comfort.

5. There is something liberating about not giving a damn of what others might think of you

Not everyone will understand us if we leave or make a great leap. Some will raise their eyebrow, spit out their innuendos, or hinder us from making a big change, yet, we should not be stirred. If we think that the new path that we are going to choose will make us feel fulfilled and better, go for it. We will not be going to different places if we will always mind what other people might think about us.

There is more peace in us if we choose to ignore what other people are throwing against us. Eventually, they will be the ones to hold the grudge and not you. After all, many of us have our personal reasons why there is a point in our lives when we have to leave, and not everyone will understand why.

Final Thoughts on Bea Alonzo Switch From Kapamilya to Kapuso

There is no assurance that we will always end up in our preferred destination within our target time. The destination might not always be that great, but it is the ride that matters. It is somehow scary because we are never sure where it would take us or how many people we are going to lose in our journey.

When you take more risks, changes and goodbyes might come after. It is like boating on a wobbly sea. Even though we know there’s a potential peril, we still choose to go along with the crashing waves because we know there’s a combination of fear and fun which makes our journey more soul-stirring.

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