The Cost of Beauty? The Risks of IV Glutathione Drips

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In Asia, especially in the South East both male and female have deep rooted, some often unconscious desire for whiter, more radiant skin. This beauty standard draws its trend in “white supremacy” tendencies. Even with the occurring movement that breaks the norm and allow people to accept a more diverse beauty ideal, people are still in ingrained and determined to avail themselves of artificial whiteness. It may be a form of flaunt for one’s social mobility; “Pag pumuti na, umasenso na.” or tojust get the gal or the guy “Mas maputi kasi, kaya mas napili.” Our sense towards being “maputi” may vary in purpose but our means and the resort to achieve that dream remains the same, Glutathione, or pervasive among Pinoys as “Gluta.”

Gluta is a priority, may it be in a capsule or injected intravenously through drips or IV Gluta drips. It is always a trend, particularly to those who really in dire need for skin paleness upgrade (upgrade here are really relative) and for those who have plenty of cash to spend. However, with all of the things that we do to achieve the westernized look, we fail to consider its effect in our overall health and well-being.

That being said, it is important that as we take the path that tests the limits of what our body can do and be with the help of external substances, we check the “label.” Understanding side-effects, risks and benefits can get rid of anxiety, for you to enjoy your beauty decisions. So, to give you a head start and brief health guidance, this WeInform article will guide you on how to achieve safe, white, and glowing, glass skin complexion Glutathione drip journey.

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What are Gluta drips and how does it work?

#GlowUp is a recent social media trend where users compare their looks progress then and now. However, the undertakings of attaining that glow up requires rigorous skin care routine that actually takes too much time. Hence, for some, who has little to no patience, Intravenous Glutathione drip is an option. How does it work? – IV Gluta drips are supposedly as advertised, are made to boost a person’s immune system, give extra energy, detoxify, and make your skin better looking and radiant. It is a fluid form combination of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants injected to a person’s veins, hence the term “Intravenous”. It is suggested and claimed that once started, your gluta drips sessions shall be maintained regularly for a much efficient and visible results.

What are the effects of Gluta Drips in our Bodies?

Glutathione is naturally produced by our liver to act as an antioxidant and help with our metabolism. And for those who are not satisfied with their natural produce of Glutathione, these people will be; more likely, resort in artificial, man-made Glutathione like those that can be found in Gluta drips.

 According to the Philippine Dermatological Society, Gluta drips are actually made to lessen the adverse effects of Platinum-based chemotherapy for Cancer and skin “lightening or whitening” is just a side effect. The whitening effect happen when Gluta interferes through repression of melanin (the pigment that gives the skin its color) production. Hence, many would claim that after being injected with IV Gluta drip, their skin seem to be more radiant and that dark circles around their eyes are gone.

However, experts warn people about the possible placebo commercialization of Gluta drips, for Glutathione does not target a particular “dark spot” but lightens the entire body. Thus, it can be noted that claims of lighten dark spots or eye circles can be results of placebo thinking or “what we want to see” activity in our minds. Experts also warns about underlying side-effects of having yourself injected with Gluta drips.

Long Term Health Risks and Effects of Gluta Drips

The Philippine Food and Drug Association (FDA) has given approval to IV Glutathione drips only for Cancer treatment and therapy and not as Skin Lightening agent. Excessive amount of these substances can have adverse and long- term risks to users. And according to report from the Philippines to the British Medical Journal, unspoken truths about gluta drips can include renal malfunction or acute renal failure (kidney and liver infection), toxicity to our nervous system (brain and nerves), excessive shots may also cause Gastritis or gastric (stomach and intestine) discomfort, dizziness and fatigue, elevation of thyroid hormones, increased blood sugar, flu-like symptoms, chest heaviness and sever skin reactions or worse Stevens Johnson syndrome (a severe skin infection that affects the mucous membrane, genitals and eyes).

Other effects are still under investigations, but experts and dermatologists strongly suggest that whenever we avail a product we should conduct enough researching about its contents, possible effects, and legitimacy, especially now that much cheaper but “fake” skincare fabs and services are circulating around the market. But, as far as Gluta drips are concern, and for the sake of public awareness, those particular substances found in IV Glutathione drips are for cancer use and none, or no study have advised its usage as beauty enhancing agent, or not yet.

Final Thoughts

Beauty has no shortcuts. It is really difficult to achieve media founded beauty and body standards. Large amount of money shall be invested, and unexamined choices can be life threatening but for some, this may be the risk that they are willing to take, the price of beauty, the price of white. With this, many are fooled, scammed, and have suffered unfavorably. It is never a question of “have you accepted yourself enough.” But the ignorance towards the false messages built by the media. And with the rise of social media, people’s outlook towards themselves are worsening “never enough”.

Sure, a pinch of self-love and self-care is needed but everything small and big has prices. Control and satisfaction are the key. Beauty is and always will be in the “eye of the beholder.” You are the beholder, you hold the choice, but make sure that you have enough, and you are well, to pay the cost of things that you think is beautiful.

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