How to Apply for Passport: The Do’s and Dont’s

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Travelling is an essential human activity, it allows a person to let go of his or her comfort zone and come out of the shell and explore the wonders of the world where one lives in.

It also opens doors for studies and career opportunities, introducing you to new and non-routine things and to meet new people and learn new stories. Our travels may for be job and business trips, or flights to complete your around the world bucket list, rides to meet your special someone out there, or to see a long time not seen family.

Our travelling purpose may vary from official business appointments to a leisurely one, but it will require the same documentations for a person to fulfill that foreign exploration dream and first on that list is your PASSPORT.

Continue reading on how to apply for passport.

Hence, before you get too excited with the things you can do by visiting your dream destination, make sure that you’ve already applied for your passport, if you still haven’t and are still confused of the application what’s and how’s, this article can surely help you.

Passport Requirements

Approved Appointment done online

Almost all government transactions these days had shifted from tradition walk-in procedures to securing an online appointment for a more secure, authorized, and systematic operations. Hence the first thing to do is to secure a confirmed appointment with your nearest Department of Foreign Affairs branch.

The following, though are exempted from having an online appointment and can be directly accommodated in the DFA courtesy lane:

  • Senior Citizens with an immediate family companion (note: if companion is not a family member, he or she must show documentations that they’re travelling together like plane tickets or lodging arrangements)
    • Person with Disability with an immediate family companion (if not, the same requirement mentioned above shall be presented)
    • Pregnant women. (if pregnancy is not visible yet, medical records are required)
    • Minor, 7 years and below, accompanied by their parents and other minor siblings.
    • Solo parent and their minor child with valid “solo parent card”
    • OFW (land-based and seafarers) applicant must present any of the following: working visa, employment contract or valid seaman’s book stamped internationally for less than 365 before the date of passport application.

Filled-out Application Form

Usually, application forms shall be completed when you’re setting up a scheduled appointment online. This form can be printed out and carried on the day of your personal appearance to the department.

PSA- authenticated Birth Certificate

In special cases, like unclear information, Local Civil Registration may be required. Another, if you’re married female using your husband’s surname a PSA Marriage Contract shall be presented.

Other special cases like minor application, separated couples, late registration, naturalized Filipinos, or are people who are dual citizens, other auxiliary documents may be demanded. Visit for more accurate requirement list.

Any Valid ID (only one is needed)

Bring the original and photocopy of any accepted ID for your application. Valid IDs are the following:

SSS/GSIS Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)

LTO Driver’s License

Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) ID

OWWA or iDOLE card

Voter’s ID or certification

PNP Firearm’s License

Philippine Postal ID (issued 2016 onwards)

Senior Citizen ID

Student ID for student applicants

Step-by-Step Procedure of Application

Your first task to be accomplished is a confirmed appointment schedule. Many suggests that applying early is good for convenience and stress-free application. The latest date that one can apply must be 3-4 months ahead of your desired travel date.

Here’s the step-by-step online appointment application:

  1. Go to that is the DFA appointment website.
  2. Read the terms and tick “I understand”.
  3. Choose whether INDIVIDUAL application or GROUP APPLICATION
  4. Select the DFA office nearest to you.
  5. Choose a schedule for Personal appearance.

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Note: Scheduling may be difficult for some. With the number of online participants each day the website may crash or may not display empty slots for appointment. You may also want to consider your internet connection but if conflicts like this happen, you may try these things:

  • Keep refreshing the system may be refreshed and fresh slots may be opened.
    • You may also try registering around 12 midnight to 2 am or 12 noon to 9 pm.
    • If you live in NCR, you may try other DFA offices around malls or try scheduling on a Regional Office.

Once you’ve chosen a slot, it is yours for 15 minutes only so make sure that you accomplished the next steps fast.

  • Accomplish the online application form. This includes your personal information like name, birth date and contact details (e-mail address, USE GMAIL address), Family Information and Application Information.

Since you’ve only given 15 minutes to reserve the slot make sure that you’ve prepared all necessary details for your application form prior to your online visit.

  • Pay the Processing Fee.
    • Choose whether regular or express processing (express processing is faster and cost higher than the regular)
    • Click on PAY NOW
    • A pop-up of terms may appear, click “I agree.” and proceed to payment.
    • Choose your payment method (Convenience stores, banks, or authorized tellers)
    • Check your e-mail for your Payment Reference Number
    • Pay within 24 hours. Pay only in cash and exact amount.
  • Proceed to your DFA appointment schedule on time, dressed properly and, carrying your complete requirements both the original and the photocopies.

During your personal appearance date, you may be asked to proceed on four lines:

  • Document Verification – The DFA will confirm your appointment and if your have every requirement to proceed.
  • Processing – Upon checking the requirement the office shall provide a tentative date of release or a claim stub.
  • Data Encoding and Biometrics – The office will encode your personal details, make sure to double check for misspelling and errors. You will also be asked to be taken of photograph, signature, and fingerprints.
  • Delivery – If you want your passport delivered straight to your home address, you may want to queue another line to sign up for it.

You may expect your passport for 15-20 days or in some offices, in 30 days.

  • Claim your Brand-new passport. If you did not sign up for a passport delivery service, you can claim your passport at the date of release given to you. Do not leave without checking your personal details especially your name and birthdate.

Note: If you can’t claim your passport yourself due to valid reasons, you can ask an immediate family member to claim it for you, just bring the following:

  • Authorization letter
  • Original receipt
  • Applicant’s valid ID (original and photocopy)
  • Proxy’s valid ID (original and photocopy)

A special power of the attorney will be needed if the representative is not an immediate family member. 


You should get rid of all the hesitations that you’re having about travelling. Explore the world, visit new places, connect with the world through travelling, expand your visage of opportunities and experience. So, apply for passport now! (not just as an addition to your valid ID collection) but as the beginning of meeting a whole new world. READY, GET SET, PASSPORT!

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