How to Start a Business with P5,000

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Planning to start a business with a limited capital? Well, it’s your lucky day for you are in the right place! Read Below. 


A direct, lame excuse to the question “Why don’t you start a business yet?” – would be “I have no money” or “I still don’t have the capital for the business that I want and therefore this is not the right time”. Many people think that starting a business requires the largest amount of capital that we could have for the business to be big and macro, or for it to travel the world and supply for one entrepreneur to another (Business to Business scheme). This common understanding held us back for a long very time now that it resulted to us not starting a business at all and continue work our asses off trying to be promoted. We still stay in our desk jobs, just thinking, envisaging, and daydreaming for the success that we could never have because we are afraid that it could fail all of a sudden. That particular fear of risk are fruits of our misconception that for a business to end big and well it has to begin massive and costly. BUT NO! Quoting Aliko Dangote, the richest man in Nigeria — “For a business to be successful, you have to start small and dream big.” – and this article will help and guide you budding businessperson to achieve that dream with just Five thousand pesos in your pocket. 

1. Dine- Take- Deliver: From Street snacks to Bento Boxes. 

Food commerce and services, of course is our first option. Aside from it can start mini with just breakfast or morning snacks, or a stress-relieving sip of ice-cold drink, food is a basic necessity and initializing a business through people’s needs are the closest thing to success. However, ideas about selling lugaw, sopas and lomi in the morning or resorting to fish-balls or “tusok-tusok” and sa malamig na “Gulaman” in the afternoon or vending Classic Pinoy meryenda such as puto, kutsinta and suman; although it is still a possibility for “takilya” may seem to be a bit abrased or worn-out already.  2021 is a year of innovation and another secret for entrepreneurial success is answering the question, What’s new? 

Thus, you can innovate your basic food business in a sophisticated yet affordable one. Some business owners have begun delivering home-cooked food boxes or family-sized baskets for indoor parties and small colleague and friend gatherings. Some started this business by just delivering a maximum quota of 2-3 family or barkada boxes or 10 individual orders a day and an increase of two or three each day or in weeks depending on your gains. Each order of family food deliverables may cost you a capital of Php. 400.00 – 500.00 for a 2-3 course meal, combination of meat and vegetables, siders and drinks and you can sell it from Php. 499 – 699 plus your delivery and other service charges. If you have an available space at home or somewhere you can also start a small take-out stand that will eventually be opened for Dine-ins. 

Another business to start with targets people who are at “Work-from-home” or “Study-at-home” which setting had made food preparation a luxury. You can innovate a simple take-out meal into BENTO BOXES, this idea can be traced in Japan. Bento boxes are single portion “ALL IN” packed meal that one can enjoy. Each Bento box may contain the main rice meal of choice, an appetizer salad, and a small portion of sweet dessert. You can make it an affordable take on the classic Bento by budgeting your capital to Php. 100-300.00 and selling each meal for varying price of Php. 150.00 – 500.00 depending on inclusions. You can also include “Diet Delivery Program” option in your Bento boxes to also target customers that are needing of strict but immediate and less hassle health and fitness meal plan. 

In any choice you make from classical food cart businesses to affordable take on then luxury meals Food business will always be one great way to start. 

2. Hassle-Free Bills Payment and E-loading 

We experienced hardships during lockdowns and quarantine policies last 2020, despite of these, our domestic bills and living costs are still running and some of your neighbors, even you, would like to have a hassle-free process of paying electric supply, water, and your home internet. If this is true to you and if this is what you want, then this business idea is spot-on for you. You can be a payment center by just having a smart phone and a Wi-Fi-connection. Remittance centers such as TrueMoney PH are offering an all in Money transfer, Bills payment and E-loading for only Php. 3000.00 via mobile or Application portal. Other centers also offers varying business packages for just the right for your ability, amount, and preference. Your community’s bills responsibility are paid, all phones are loaded and all “ayuda” sent in just a step-away. 

3. Rabbit Breeding and Farming

Are you fond of taking care of animals? If yes, then did you know that you can make a business out of that hobby? 

Rabbit farming is one industry that is not usually heard but are truly profitable even with a small starting capital. With the recent news of price hikes for Chicken meat and pork people are looking into using rabbits as an alternative. Rabbit meats have lots of health benefits for human, aside from its meat is lean and flavorful. Rabbit meat contains richer Omega 3 than chicken, it is high in vitamin B3 and B12 and lower in calories and sodium but rich in quality proteins. Hence, making it the best substitute to people’s day to day meat consumption. Rabbit farming can also be profitable when you established your consistent markets such as health and fitness enthusiasts. 

A budding business owner can allot Php. 270- 300.00 per one Breeder rabbit, and since rabbits breeds fast, a doe (female rabbit) can give birth to 1-12 a month thus your Rabbit farm will grow in no time. You can sell your rabbit meat at Php 300-450 per kilo. In addition, aside from meat production, you can also breed rabbits for Pet owners. 

4. Shirt and Merchandise Designs 

If you are an artist and you’re thinking of business that will also suit your expertise you can try selling your designs on online shirt stores on Shopify, Lazada and even Amazon. It is really easy and just require effort, and talent. You can profit with almost ZERO capital just upload your designs, or find a partner store to use your designs, choose an option of colors to suit your design and make it available for all descriptions. Who knows, from your sales you can start your own clothing and merchandise line and supply and sell your own shirts not just designs. 

And since you have apt for creative designs, you can also use your talent to layout your own website, post interesting contents and be financed eventually through advertisements. Who knows?

5. Surprise Gift boxes and Special Bouquets 

One more business suited for those creative and artistic individuals are Surprise gift boxes and Stylized bouquets of presents. As time goes by people are needing more of instant and less-bothering ways to do things, even in gifting – offer them a pool of possible gifts inclusion such as necklaces, scrunchies, bracelets, printed pictures and imaginative layout for messages packaged in a minimalist box of artistically crafted boxes. Each gift boxes can be sold at starting price of Php. 500 – 3,000.00 depending on the inclusions but since we’re starting at a minimum capital of Php. 5000 you can just start small with affordable set of presents and just let the business be known and grow. 


So, in conclusion, whether you choose Food business, Personal Services, Retail and Marketing business or even Home-based online business and passive income generating one, there are arrays of businesses that will surely suit your personality, skills, and BUDGET. The main point really is that you have to be stronger than your excuse. Your small capital is never a hindrance to start today and take that big leap of faith. It is never easy, it will never be, but with people supporting you, a budding motivation, and an available space to use, a business is just a hop away. I may have told you that we have to dream big to achieve, but in reality, a successful business whether those who started huge or little has a successful owner who have decided to finally be the DOER and never just a DREAMER. 

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