How to Start Working as a Virtual Assistant

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Going through several months of lockdown due to pandemic makes it hard for almost everyone to cope with the new normal. Often, we were left with no choice but to have that uncontrollable urge to be engaged in excessive use of social media because we got nothing to do. 

Ever wonder how tiring it is even though you were just sitting or lying down the whole day? Try counting the hours you’ve been spending on social networking sites, and by then, you’ll probably know which one is the culprit.

Given that you cannot take your phone or laptop away from your system, better yet generate income out of it. Gluing your eyes on your screen for quite some time will be worth it if you can at least earn money from doing so.

We’ve been searching so many “how-tos” on Google since the start of community quarantine because we are trying to learn new things just to shoo the boredom away. I hate to break it with you but it is time to get over the Dalgona coffee season y’all. 

If you want to step up and have income while at the comfort of your own home, the best “how-to” to look for is “How to start working as a virtual assistant?”

Are you interested? You should, so keep reading.     

First of all, what is a virtual assistant? 

You are probably already familiar with what a virtual assistant is doing, but you do not know that it has a name for it. A virtual assistant is someone who provides a variety of services for businesses such as administrative, creative, or technical services.           

But, what exactly does a virtual assistant do? Actually, it varies depending on your client. 

Paperwork. You could hit into clerical works such as bookkeeping, tracking e-mails, and keeping an eye on appointments and documents. You could also be an encoder who organizes data on the computer. With some basic computer software skills, this job would be perfect for you.

Online Content Writing. If you have a knack for words, freelance writing is suitable for you. A website or social media accounts and pages requiring regular updates are in need of online content writers so if you got some creative juices, an occasional writer’s block would be the only problem that you could actually overcome easily through some mental strategies.

Graphic Designing. A virtual assistant could also be of great help when it comes to designing websites, posters, or even your presentations. Freelance graphic artists could also be identified as virtual assistants because they could help businesses capture more audience and clients through well-designed promotions. Video production and editing will also do.

Copyediting and Proofreading. This job requires grammar skills. The client could be a business or just an individual who wants his/her manuscript to have a professional edge. It is not that people are trying to be so prescriptive in grammar, but wanting their letters, manuscripts, and business documents to sound professional is not that bad at all.

Managing a social media page. Online business is a hit even before the start of the pandemic. Some social media pages have hundred thousand followers and replying to queries in the comment sections and inbox is not a one-man show. If you are one of those whose head is down on their phones for hours, you may grab this opportunity so your eye fatigue will be worth it. LOL, kidding. But seriously, this is a good past time and at the same time, you are earning money.

Customer Service. One of the most common virtual assistant jobs is customer service. In here, you have to provide information for the client you are talking to over the phone or through virtual chat. The information being asked could already be provided to you by your employer or probably sometimes there is a need to scour the web for additional information.

This is quite a long list but there is still a lot to go which gives you an array of choices on what you want to do as a virtual assistant. It is a flexible job and you could pick something that you are good at and more comfortable doing it. Since someone whose job is a VA works remotely from his/her client, a home office will do which is actually more convenient. If you have computer equipment and a high-speed Internet connection, then this home-based job would be good for you. 

So are you ready to start working as a virtual assistant?

What are the skills required to start working as a virtual assistant?

The good thing about being a virtual assistant is that you do not need some hardcore skills all the time. If you are creative, good at writing, and have grammar skills, then you got bonus skills. But if you do not have those extra skills, you still do not have to worry because having the basic skills below will still make it possible to get online jobs.

Communication skill. Since it is a job away from your client, communication skill is highly required in this job. Clear and constant communication is needed to avoid misunderstanding in getting your job done. You could not let things hanging and cut off connections because these will not obviously help to make things work. Sounds familiar? Well, probably you did not also manage to make your previous relationship work due to miscommunication.

Time management skills. This is the skill that you should carry in any job. While in virtual jobs, you have a more flexible schedule, you should still keep track of your schedule. It is okay to idle and binge-watch your favorite Netflix series sometimes, but do not let it ruin your schedule. One more episode could lead to one more season until you completely lost track of time and make the deadline be the one to beat you.

Basic ICT skills. Researching, encoding, utilizing software programs, and using communication tools such as e-mail and social media are some of the basic ICT skills that you need for you to be qualified as a virtual assistant. If you got ‘em, then you’re good to go.

Multitasking skill. Sometimes, being a virtual assistant have some inconsistencies. Today, you are an encoder, the next day you are a writer, the day after tomorrow you are a researcher, and the next week you are a clerk. You need to be flexible enough because some clients require you to jump from one job to another.

See? You do not have to a pro just to be a virtual assistant. You could earn money through basic skills, computer equipment, and a good Internet connection. However, we do not end here. There would be times that you need to go outside your comfort zone to try new things.

It may sound simple because you are just working from home, but being a virtual assistant should make you discover what you are good at. You never know but this job could be a venture for you to learn things that you could be potentially good at.

Where to find jobs as a virtual assistant?

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding jobs as a virtual assistant. There are many options to choose from on the Internet so the “beggars can’t choose” phrase is not applicable here. You are not running out of opportunities here most especially nowadays when most of the transactions are digitalized. Due to strict health protocols and the threat of virus, people prefer to settle for online transactions.

You could find jobs as a virtual assistant from social networking sites and employment websites. If you are too overwhelmed with an array of choices on the Internet, we narrowed down the best choices for you. 

  • Facebook pages and Instagram accounts (You may search these keywords: (1) hiring virtual assistant; (2) home-based jobs; (3) online jobs. You may also search the specific job that you’re interested in.)
  • BPO company websites (Concentrix, Accenture Inc., Sitel Philippines Corp., Genpact Services LLC)

If you do not want the hassle of communicating with companies and with people you do personally know, you may ask your family or friends to refer you to people they know who are needing a virtual assistant. You could even promote yourself by posting on your social media account to look for potential clients. Just list down the jobs you could offer to them and make a negotiable price for your service.

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How much does a virtual assistant earn?

When seeking job opportunities, the question of how much does this job make is always taken into consideration. Of course, we all want to make sure that we will get the well-deserved payment for the service we render. Since being a virtual assistant is a very general term, here are some common virtual assistant jobs that are in-demand today together with the average salary that you can earn from it.

The following are just projections. Your salary will still depend on your arrangement with your client if your service will be paid per hour, per output, or a package deal with a weekly or monthly salary. It will also depend if you are working part-time or full-time.

Online clerical jobsPhp5,000 to 7,000 a month
Online content writingPhp500 per content article (approx. Php5,000 a month)
Graphic designingPhp500 to Php1,000 per graphic art (approx. Php5,000 to Php10,000 per month)
Copyediting and ProofreadingPhp150 per hour (approx. Php10,000 to Php15,000 per month)
Managing a social media page (including marketing)Approx. Php3,000 to Php5,000 a month for a small social media pageApprox. Php10,000 a month for an established social media page (but not a big company or established brand)
Customer servicePhp12,000 to Php20,000 a month
Video producer and editorPhp10,000 to Php15,000 a month

The jobs that are related to those that are listed down here are more or less have the same salary. The listed jobs in this article are usually the ones that people are looking for today. These are just starting prices but you could have a raise once you’re in the job for quite a long time. If you want a more high-paying virtual assistant job, then you must upgrade your skills as well. Besides, you will surely learn in the long run.


Becoming a virtual assistant does not require you to follow the normal working hours from 8am to 4pm. As long as you will be able to beat the given deadline, then you have the freedom to do whatever you want. This is also the reason why more people start working as a virtual assistant.

The good thing about virtual assistant jobs is that you do not have to get up early, wear your office attire, be caught in a traffic jam, and take a bus ride to work. You can also decide when to work even if it is in the wee hours.

You got a lot of options to choose from to start working as a virtual assistant and it’s a win-win situation because you are earning money without the hassles of on-site jobs.

Given that you have equipment and Internet connection at home, the only thing that you have to decide on is what job is most suitable for your convenience, skills, and schedule. 

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