iPhone 14 Series is Coming to the Philippines

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Our all time joke every time there’s a new iPhone, is selling our kidney just so we could buy it. Kidding aside, is iPhone 14 worth the hype? Here’s the gist you need to know about the newest iPhone. 

We know that every year Apple releases a new iPhone, making it better and pricier. You might have seen the video ad for it but let’s explore its new features furthermore. 

It’s all about interior design. If you compare the latest iphone to iphone 13 based on its exterior design, you will spot nothing. What the mind of Apple did was its new display. 

Dynamic Island. A dynamic way to call its new interior design. This small upgrade only applies to its bigger models of iphone 14, pro and pro max. What is this dynamic thing? A pill-shaped notch (that is only a black space at the top of the screen before) that allows you to interact with it depending what app you are using as it changes its size. You can control this depending on your notification (can be phone calls, instant pause and play for your favorite tunes, or location navigator).

Its camera. Every year, it improves. If you are on the track of being creative such as photography and videography, you might have a dilemma whether to upgrade to the new iphone or just stick to its older model (or you could wait for another year for a new model). Although it doesn’t record 8K quality like what the rumors said, it doesn’t change its new camera gaming. First thing that caught our attention was the action mode. What a good shot for those who make films with their phone. A built-in stabilizer as you can record smooth videos, a good match for the cinematic mode from last time’s upgrade. Its image quality is sharper than the 13 because it has 48 megapixels. The catch for this upgrade is you can take your photos and videos on another level. 

Improved battery life. In this techy world, we use our phones for almost everything. A small device that we use for school, business and work, we need this anywhere we go. The new iphone 14 extended its battery life for an hour and you can use it for watching videos for a whole day, good news for those who love to binge watch their favorite tv series. 

Software update. It’s no lie that we got excited for ios 16 as Apple gave us a better experience with our phones. For the newest iphone, the updated OS is faster and more responsive, all hidden and visible features are unlocked (unlike when you’re using an older version of iphone, cool features are limited). It’s smarter than ever. 

The good thing about this new iphone, it has an emergency upgrade that we don’t want to use. 

SOS via satellite. If you’re a person who loves to travel and has a chance to get lost or just want to make sure that you have an emergency tool for your adventures, this might be one of the good upgrades of the phone. It lets you connect to a satellite when you don’t have a wifi or cellular data connection. 

Crash detection. Apple’s upgrade that could save your life. According to the statistics of the US, more than 40,000 people die in a car crash, that’s why this upgrade can save someone’s life in a road accident just by activating this. an automatic response will be on its way once the phone detected the crash and when you don’t respond in a second to its SOS notification. 

For Apple users, this might be the greatest upgrade so far with its camera upgrade such as 48-megapixel sensor, ultrawide for macro shots, and a telephoto lens, and its internal design are truly exceptional.

The iPhone 14 Series will be launched officially in the Philippines on October 14. Pinoy Apple Fanboys rejoice!

If you’re planning to purchase one, you can always visit the nearest Apple store (Power Mac Center) or pre-order online from its official Apple store.

The price, you ask? Not a big deal, the price starts at 61,990 pesos for the iPhone 14 with 128GB of internal storage.

Get your kidney ready, we’re getting a new iPhone. 

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