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Ang PAG-IBIG MP2 savings ay may kakayahang kumita ng dividends na mas malaki pa sa interest na makukuha mo bank savings account mo.

Kapag napag-uusapan ang PAG-IBIG ang unang pumapasok sa atin ay ang mandatory contribution na binabawas sa sahod natin kada buwan.

Or di kaya tungkol ito sa mga loans.

Pero totoo naman, PAG-IBIG is also about loans. From multi-purpose loan, calamity loan to house loan nandyan ang PAG-IBIG.

If you think PAG-IBIG is just all about loans and mandatory contribution, think again.

You probably haven’t heard about Pag-IBIG MP2 savings yet.

It offers a higher dividend rate and may vary depending on your savings performance.

You can hit up to a 7% dividend rate as long as you are a regular depositor.

To know more about it here is your ultimate guide to understand how it works along with the procedures and requirements if ever you want to apply for it.

Anu Ang Pagkakaiba ng MP2 Savings vs MP1?

Ang MP1 ng PAG-IBIG ay ang regular at mandatory contribution mo as a member.

Ito ay deducted sa iyong sahod or kung voluntary member ka namn, ito ang amount na monthly na dapat mo bayaran.

The multi-purpose loan of PAG-IBIG is computed based on your MP1 contributions.

Ibig sabihin, kapag mag-fifile ka ng multi-purpose loan sa PAG-IBIG, i-cocompute nito ang 80% ng MP1 contribution mo para sa iyong loanable amount.

Ang MP1 din ay ang isa sa basehan or factor kapag kukuha ka ng housing loan sa PAG-IBIG.

Anu naman ang MP2 Savings? Para saan ito?

Ang PAG-IBIG MP2 Savings ay hindi mandatory. Ito ay voluntary ngunit kinakailangan meron ka munang MP1 bago makapag-open ng MP2 Savings.

Pag-IBIG MP2 savings, also known as Modified Pag-IBIG 2, lets you save for your future expenses just like in bank accounts but MP2 offers much higher returns.

With MP2, you get yearly dividends that adds up to your savings. Ang MP2 ay may prescription na 5 Years.

After 5 years, kailangan mo na itong i-withdraw mula sa PAG-IBIG at pwede din naman na hayaan mo ito sa PAG-IBIG fund.

So, what if you didn’t claim your PAG-IBIG MP2 in five years?

The good thing here is that your money will continue growing for two more years.

MP2 is one of the best choices if you want to save money or go for a short-term investment.

If you do not want to go for an over-the-counter transaction in the nearest Pag-IBIG branch, you can remit through a monthly salary deduction.

If ever you are self-employed, you can also remit through PayMaya, GCash, Moneygment Mobile app, and ECPay in the nearest 7-Eleven outlets. 

MORE INFORMATION: Bank Savings Account vs. Pag-IBIG MP2

Requirements to Apply for MP2 Savings

Before you apply for Pag-IBIG MP2, check your eligibility first.

You need to be an active member of Pag-IBIG 1 (P1) with at least a P100 monthly contribution for 24 months.

If you really want to avail this modified savings but you are not a member, apply to be a voluntary paying member first through online enrollment.

In other cases, if you are an inactive member, pay a lump sum that is equivalent to 24 monthly contributions. Once settled, you may now start preparing your requirements.

Procedure to Apply for PAG-IBIG MP2 Savings

  1. Bring your Pag-IBIG ID or the HDMF Transaction Card to the nearest Pag-IBIG branch. If ever you do not have it yet, you can still apply by giving your MID number and complete name to verify that you are an active member. 
  2. Prepare back up valid IDs as well if ever the branch will ask you for additional IDs for verification of your identity. 
  3. Fill out the MP2 form. Make sure that all the details are correct to avoid future problems and technical issues. MP2 form is also available online which can be downloaded here (
  4. On top of your monthly contribution in the P1 monthly membership fee, you will also deposit a minimum of P500 for your MP2 savings. You may deposit a monthly contribution of more than P500 depending on your capability.
  5. Different payment forms for your P1 and MP2 contribution will be submitted to the cashier and the cashier will issue a separate official receipt for the two different contributions.
  6. The timeline for one year or five years will start running on the day that you deposited your MP2 savings. 

Online Enrollment for MP2 Savings

Online enrollment is also available for MP2 savings. It is preferable to apply online for a smoother and faster transaction because your information will already be recorded in their system before you even go to their branch. Follow these quick steps for your online application.

  1. Go directly to this link. The landing page will give you four options such as dividends, procedure, requirement, and frequently asked questions. Choose “PROCEDURE.”
  1. Go to “Click here” in the first option. You will be directed to this link Modified Pag-IBIG II Enrollment (
  2. After that, input your Pag-IBIG MID number, last name, first name, date of birth, and enter the code given below. 
  1. After entering the required information, a new prompt will appear which will require you to fill out the following:
  2. Desired Monthly Contribution. You may enter the minimum required monthly contribution or go higher than P500. The higher the monthly contribution, the higher the returns.
  3. Preferred Dividend Payout. You only have two options on how you would want to receive your dividend, so choose wisely whether you want an annual or five-year (end-term) payout.
  4. Mode of Payment. It is your choice if you want over-the-counter, salary deduction, or through any credited Pag-IBIG collecting partners.
  5. Source of Funds. Lastly, you need to choose your source of funds. The portal will give you these choices: employment income, savings/deposits, property sale, the share of sale or other investments, loan, company sale, company profits/dividends, gift, maturity/surrenderer of life policy, and other income sources.
  1. Once you entered all the needed details, click the SUBMIT button to proceed to the final step.
  2. Upon clicking SUBMIT, you will now proceed to the MP2 Enrollment Form in PDF format. Save and print it as your copy. You will also see your 12-digit MP2 account number in the upper right corner of the form. 
  3. Once accomplished, Pag-IBIG will email you for further instructions. Then, you may now deposit a minimum of P500 to start your monthly savings.

What will happen once you reached the five-year term?

Maybe you are wondering what will happen once your MP2 matures.

Naturally, you will be entitled to receive your savings at the end of the five-year term.

If you wish to renew your contract, it is necessary to inform Pag-IBIG because it does not automatically renew after five years.

You will be given additional two years to continue earning a higher dividend rate once renewed.

If not, you will just earn a lower dividend rate for your savings. Instead of reaching up to a 7% rate, it will be downgraded to the dividend rate assigned for P1 if you fail to notify Pag-IBIG for the renewal. 


As you can see, Pag-IBIG MP2 savings offer much than the typical savings account offered by banks.

As long as you are a regular depositor and remits a higher amount for your savings, you will definitely earn higher dividends at the end of your term.

It is perfect for securing future expenditures which avoids you to be trapped in financial woes.

It does not matter if you haven’t thought of something you could spend your money with.

What is important is that you have a nice nest egg that is saved up for your future expenses.

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