7 Reasons Why Starbucks Planner 2022 is a Hit Among Millennials

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Study shows that those who set plans are more successful than those who do not. Having a planner is not just about schedules. It is more than that — the feeling of excitement and fulfillment. Excitement because you will finally write down on it and fulfillment because you have started writing one. It organizes details, and it helps millennials to cope with the rigors of life. It is where they express their thoughts, carry their emotions, and measure their accomplishments.

This year creeps up on everyone, and the fact that Starbucks planner 2022 is booming gives millennials a thrill of collecting 18 stickers once again. It’s that time of the year for millennials. And the eagerness to collect all 18 stickers in exchange for a Starbucks planner — comes with ribbon markers, a built-in pen holder, and dandy pockets talks a lot about their so-called drip check.

What makes the millennials go crazy about this Starbucks Planner 2022?

1. Starbucks is an ultimate status symbol

It is undoubtedly that a brand represents one’s lifestyle. Consider the prominent people who post on their social media accounts having their branded staff, eating in a classy restaurant, and buying the tickets of a well-known band. Aren’t these a status symbol at all?

On the same track, millennials nowadays don’t mind spending too much. It somehow signifies their flashy lifestyle. The price is never an issue for them if they can have what they want. If it is just a planner itself, then there are lots of it at the bookstore. But it is not the point here. Nothing can beat expensive items for it is one of the types of status symbol. Starbucks planner 2022 involves the worship of luxury.  A planner is everywhere, but to have a stylish planner with your favorite brand is different. In case you are wondering, here is the tea on it— behind this yearly drill is a flexing game that awaits.

2. They are avid collectors

It is the feeling of collecting things you want that matters. Millennials are indeed a keeper in so many ways. They tend to keep the things they like the most. Collecting a Starbucks planner is like hitting a goal. The truth about being an avid collector is that they find happiness just by seeing a bunch of their favorite pieces of stuff in one place. It is the collection that stays with you when everybody leaves. The scent of unused planners, the unfinished writings, and even the deepest rants are lingering. Millennials tend to have a moment for themselves. And when they do, they sit and pretend like they are in a movie, reminiscing the good old days. And guess what, they are probably drinking a coffee while looking at their treasured possessions.

A planner is way different from a bag — it cannot bring your essentials with you. But it can bring back your lost smiles, cherished moments, and random thoughts. At least at that moment, they hold a part of you. A way of reflection it is. This habit of collecting planners is admiring instead of collecting regrets and hates.

3. It gives them an aesthetic pleasure

Aesthetic pleasure eases restless thoughts, renews the lost hopes, and collects the moments. What an instant escape it is. It is with no doubt that Starbucks gives this satisfaction to their loyal customers. It is not always the bright colors that please the beholder. It is the vibe that creates the mood and brings out the creativity in mind.

Millennials do not need a lot of things to ease their gloominess. Sometimes, a touch of black and white is enough. Starbucks planner 2022 is said to be the light in millennials’ black and white because looking at the planner gives them a wow feeling. It is like all the worries are gone for a while. Sometimes it is the unexplained factor that will calm the chaos in you, and Starbucks planner extends its indulgence in this matter. Millennials are like the Starbucks planner 2022 — classy and minimalist. Admit, it is therapeutic.

4. They don’t want to miss the yearly punch

Why Starbucks planner 2022 is a hit among Millennials? Unsurprisingly, millennials can’t be outdated. And just like that, they will do everything just to fit in the box of trends. The Starbucks 2022 planner is like happy moments that will be gone in a blink of an eye. And the only way to keep it is to live with it. Millennials don’t want to end the year carrying the baggage of regrets. And for you to feel at least half of its weight, what does it feel like to miss your favorite movie? How about the feeling of buying the stuff you tried to hide in a mall, but it’s gone? What a great way to feel the sigh of millennials if they would miss this yearly punch. From the moment they heard the trend, it is a sign — collect to select. Millennials find it rewarding to hit its yearly target. Who doesn’t? Do not let the time pass without making it count.

Unlike in most cases, waiting for your turn is startling — you never know when. This yearly drill was announced and targeted everyone, especially the millennials. The only reason why you would miss it is that you let it pass through you. And who says millennials will let that happen? Not in their wildest dreams.

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5. They want a planner that meets the norms

Millennials believe that having something that doesn’t meet the norms is to err. And this is where Starbucks planner 2022 comes up with the standards — austere and superb. Most people prefer to indite to remember the details. Starbucks planner draws a line of winning the heart of millennials by incorporating its vibrant design that soothes the darkness within. Some people might think that millennials are hard to please because of the standards they have. But the truth is, it only takes gut to win their heart.

In everything you choose, you will always stick with your ideals. And that is the thing that no one can get from the Starbucks planner. It has something that will make the millennials go crazy — a cool feature from a well-known brand. Whatever the norms will be, it will all lie down to the unfailing quality.

6. Vulnerability to trends

Everyone has a story to tell when it comes to weaknesses, and most of the time, it is the trendy planner that will weaken the knees. The launch of the Starbucks planner 2022 shakes the millennials. They are head over heels with it. It’s a kind of temptation they can’t resist. Even if it is costly, they will go for it. It’s not about like or needs anymore. Because obviously, they like it more than they need it. See the dilemma of the millennials? They can not resist temptation. No doubt, it’s the reason why they are always top on a marketing list. And you cannot blame them since Starbucks has a habit of impressing their loyal customers.

Millennials are into this planner because they know that it happens annually. A good excuse it is.

Do you believe that your strength is your weakness too? Think again, and you will realize that somehow, millennials are not alone in this tempting game.

7. Mandatory self-reward aka Starbucks Planner 2022

Aside from you deserved it, self, what are some notable lines you keep telling yourself before buying something? Oh come on, let that money out. Stop questioning your worth with your self-rewarding lines. The truth is, you already know your worth. Well, millennials are good at this. Conscience gaming in 3,2,1. Undeniably, receiving a gift is priceless but giving yourself a present is rewarding. It is the best meditation for all the sleepless nights and tear-stained pillows you endured.

Millennials need to put themselves first, at least in the simplest ways. Collecting 18 stickers is what makes their ride worthwhile. They firmly believe that self-reward is meaningful because passion is there. Will argue no more. And for the record, it is only you who can give the satisfaction you need. Tap your back! Consistently, you recognized the progress of others that you often forgot your accomplishments that need recognition too. And giving yourself a treat is a must. If you can spoil other people with fancy things, why not apply it for yourself? This time, with a thrill.

Everyone will go back to their safest haven after a tiring day. When all is said and done, the planner that costs you a lot is the one that will live through your veins. Because it is the product of your deepest desires and unapparent patience. It is a question of what did you earn this year? Most of the time, earning has nothing to do with money. It does not always work that way. What amounts to something is genuine happiness. Do not spend your entire life making money that you forget to live in the moment. And that is why millennials are far different from the other generation. They can focus and chill at the same time. And the good thing is, their definition of extravagance is to sit in a well-lit place with the planner they always talked of having.

It is not too late to spill the beans. A constant Starbucks customer is a bonus, but a customer who knows their mission and values is distinct. It will be an eye-opener and involvement booster. You cannot blame the millennials for loving this yearly promo. More than just the peculiar products, it has the Mission that will surely touch one another. ”To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.“ Wait, it does not stop there. Starbucks also has self-evident values, and this is one of those. “Creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome. Acting with courage, challenging the status quo, and finding new ways to grow our company and each other.”

May their Mission and Values be the reason of people who prefer tea suddenly find joy in coffee. People have choices in life that will contradict the other, and that is fine. It is part of the foreseen reality. Starbucks planner 2022 is not just a waste of money for millennials. Choosing a particular product has something to do with their keen personality. Besides, why would you settle for less if you already have the best? Little do you know that Starbucks is leading not because of the yearly trick, but because of their passion for providing adequate customer service and treating employees with love and respect. You cannot give what you do not have — The famously quoted line. And from this, you know why Starbucks planner is a hit among millennials.

Starbucks planner 2022 is proof that chivalry is not dead. And it highlights the line that says “Nothing worth having comes easy.” So there you go, harvesting the fruit of your labor. In time, it will make sense. Just like what millennials always do, wait for the perfect time until they can redeem the outcome of their passion.

Everyone has been through a lot lately. So if you can make someone happy by not questioning their choices in life, you are doing good. Please know that you are special if your friends remember you in this season of collecting games. So if they find time to hang out with you, don’t think of an alibi. Just go with them. Before they realize that they need stickers more than they need you. Kidding aside, what’s for you will never be gone. It goes for the planner and the friends you have.

After all the battle of the brands, Starbucks planner 2022 remains on top of the list for millennials, because of this soothing line.

“A brand is worthless if it does not connect with the right audiences in a relevant way.”

Photos are from Starbucks Philippines Facebook Page.

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