The iPhone Fallacy: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Bite that Apple

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It’s been months since Apple Inc.’s newest slate of phones, iPhone 12s are announced, and barely a day for its release here in the Philippines. You are probably one of too many confused people wanting and dying to grasp that stylish metal to up your game; well, who can say “NO?” with its lavish technical termed advertisements which audience and iPhone cultist are left stunned they forgot to search what 5G means or how it works, or if it will work in the Philippines.

Perhaps, you are someone who just got an iPhone 11 and are socially pressured to have it because his pretentious ass can’t be “left out”? –

How about a person willing to sell his or her kidney to afford one?

 Fear not, because whether you are one or the other, you are in a right place because we will be stir clearing the Apple transgression with FIVE reasons why we should not lose ourselves and an organ for an iPhone 12.

1. iPhone 12 cost much for its overall performance

Spending Php. 63,000 – 70, 000 for a 6.1 OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display seems a bit impractical especially when compared to a Php. 14,000 – 30,000 smartphones (See RealMe Q2 Pro) of the same feature. Moreover, its features such as display, camera, storage, and battery when compared to its predecessor, iPhone 11, is not jaw-droppingly better, the only difference from the older model is that iPhone 12 upgraded its display from LCD to OLED and integrated Ceramic glass for additional protection; you can still do almost everything in iPhone 11 vis-à-vis with what you can do with 12 and a fun fact, iPhone 11 price as of today starts at Php. 38,000.00.

In a nutshell, you’re simply over-spending for nothing usefully new, but lux and a non-shattering ceramic glass. Therefore, whether you own an older iPhone version or planning to switch from Android one this time, it is not recommended to go excessive spending for a minimal upgrade.

2. You are not buying for Style Alone

When it comes to “style” and “posh”, it is guaranteed undoubtedly by iPhone. Sure, you want to look as someone one step ahead, little did they know, unwise buying makes you two steps behind. Comparing other features of an iPhone to other high-grade phones in the Philippines today like Huawei, RealMe, Oppo and Vivo smartphones will make us realize that we are overpaying for name and style. For example, the best Samsung phones has 4,500mAh battery capacity while iPhone 12 only has 2,815mAh; to illustrate, when one watched in full brightness a Ultra High Definition movie with 2 hour range, Android batteries will be left with 13% while iPhone 12 has 11%. Furthermore, iPhone 12 has 12-megapixel front camera while Android phones at that price range can go up as 40 megapixels (see Samsung Note 20). And lastly, if we look deeper in display speed iPhone 12 is stuck at 60Hz refresh rates while other 120Hz refresh rates already exist before iPhone 12, meaning these phones with higher refresh rates are faster as far as browsing, scrolling, gaming and watching are concerned.

3. You can’t do much with your purchase

In addition, You, basically can’t control your purchase, you can’t even personalize its design that will fit your personality and preferences. You can’t do all other things in your phone especially if you don’t own a MAC book and an Apple watch. Likewise, there’s a possibility that you won’t be using Music+, iTunes, iCloud, iWatch, Apple TV and even Facetime. So, unless you’ll integrate a third-party application like Spotify, Netflix, and Google Mail, half of your phone is unusable. In fact, you can’t even do much with your network because the Philippines does not have enough technology and 5G bands are not widespread across the archipelago to support iPhone 12’s advancement.

4. EarPods and Charger Less

As part of its advocacy to help the “environment” Apple is scrapping the inclusion of its accessory EarPods and AC power. In a statement Apple Inc. claimed that this move is to lessen box size so that more units will be available for purchase. Yes you can still use your old one, IF YOU HAVE ONE, or an alternative one but the charging speed won’t be the same and may damage the health of its battery, hence you still have to spend a little bit more for an additional purchase of iPhone 12 USB-C charger which costs roughly around Php. 2,000-2,500.00

5. iPhones are not suited for Philippine micro businesses and Education system

Lastly, if you are a starting entrepreneur or a student in the current New-normal distance education, having iPhone 12 as your handset cannot help you a lot. Most of your clients will be using Android devices and Android powered applications. Likewise, in education, most students will be relying on Google suite, Google Meetings, Android compatible Learning Management Systems, and Windows software thus, conflicts of incompatibility and problems with productivity would arise, additional operating activities will be required, and accessibility would be impossible with an iPhone, except if you own one and also own an Android phone.


No doubt, Apple’s iPhone 12 series have been working satisfactorily with their upgrades, from Display, to better cameras, chipset, battery, security and protection and operating system. Yet, iPhones will be iPhones, luxurious, demanding, and elevated. And with the current Pandemic time we must bear in mind that opulence and extravagance cannot really save us from diseases, disasters, and ill-acts of some people around us. If there’s one thing that this pandemic has taught us, is to spend well and wise, spend for our families, spend for our health and medical care, spend for education, spend for humanity, spend for research and innovation and spend for the betterment of the society. Therefore, buying an iPhone 12 is not the right apple to bite and definitely not the apple for the fairest.

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