Top 10 Restaurants You Should Try in Olongapo City

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For a million-peso question: “Saan mo gusto kumain?”

We don’t take “Ikaw bahala” as an answer. In Olongapo, you will never run out of choices whether you wanted something budget friendly, vegetarian friendly, Instagram worthy, nostalgic, and anything that a foodie wants. Olongapo has your back!

Still unsure where to eat? Grab your plate for top 10 restaurants you should try in Olongapo City.

1. Cocolime

This Asian cuisine restaurant is perfect for family dinners.

For starters, you can try their spring rolls because who doesn’t love spring rolls? Not only this is one of their appetizers, but you can also eat it as your main dish. Let’s admit that we love spring rolls, and we can always eat it anytime. If you want something that you never get to eat every day, have a spoon with their pineapple rice and taste the combination of the fruit and rice together with your choice of dish.  

You can always order your favorite Pinoy soups as they labeled it on the menu “soup for the soul”. Reward that precious soul with something warm and sour with their sinigang soups. Another catch is that this restaurant is vegetarian friendly, you can order their vegetable and tofu dishes.

Ready to dine in? Visit them at along Rizal Highway across Times Square Cinema.

2. Ben’s Kitchen

A simple date with your family or friend can be special with the help of Ben.

Ben’s Kitchen offers great food with great atmosphere. You will never be bored while waiting for your food, you can answer some fun crossword puzzles behind the paper menu. It’s more fun if you answer it with your family or friends. Who knew waiting can be fun?

Tex-mex style nachos is one great appetizer for it’s delicious and good for its price. Baby back ribs is waving at you! Yes, it’s the ribs. If you are craving for something delish and not that pricey, grab yourself a rib.

Not in a mood for rice? Go with their pasta menu. Sticky and red but yummy Beef and Cheese Ziti, if you want something with shrimp, Shrimp Linguine will do the work. If you’re a mac and cheese enthusiast, try their mac and cheese and surely you will add that to your list.

Bring the fam, have some quality time, and visit Ben’s Kitchen at Ayala Harbor Point Mall near Riverwalk and have a great meal after your shopping from the mall.

3. Wimpy’s

Let’s talk about classic, brunch time at Wimpy’s is a perfect time for catching up with your friends.

This restaurant has been around for a long time and a must try for a foodie visiting Olongapo City. Looking for a place to hangout and enjoy some burger that is great for its price? Are you a fan of sandwiches? Then grab your purse and take a bite with their burger. Of course, you can always go with their rice meals and pansit. Save a space for dessert, you should definitely try their halo-halo.

Whether you’re going to dine-in with your tropa or takeout, Wimpy’s has more than one branch, there’s no way you can escape the goodness at Wimpy’s.

4. Coffee Shop Restaurant Home of the JUMBO Tacos

Whether you’re from Olongapo or just visiting, you should try their jumbo tacos.

Located at Barretto, along highway, you may taste their delicious food. Aside from their jumbo tacos, there are more in the menu. Planning on staying a little longer? pack your clothes, you can stay at the Rooftop Hotel. The food is affordable, and you can stay while you enjoy your tacos. Get comfy, have time with yourself or with your family. An instant vacay with your tacos.

Find yourself a taco buddy and visit them at Barretto near 164 Police Station.

5. Kong’s Restaurant

Balikbayan family member? Bring them to Kong’s!

This is a perfect restaurant for you to spend more time with your family and catch up with your balikbayan relatives. What so special about this? This is one of the oldest restaurants in Olongapo that you should visit at least once as an Olongapo citizen. Serving every Olongapeño since 1950, you absolutely don’t want to miss eating at this one.

Visit them and bring your tito and tita at 32 Magsaysay Drive and feel the nostalgia by trying their Asian cuisines.

6. Sefina’s Bakery and Café

Craving for pastries? Feeling sad? Sefina will help you satisfy that crave and ease that sadness.

Although they are well known for their pastries, they also offer a variety of meals. Breakfast, lunch, brunch, and dinner. Name it, they will serve it to you. You don’t have to worry about what to eat because they have a lot of choices. Just keep in mind that always make room for dessert.

Aside from their food, the place is very inviting and comfortable. A perfect place to create happiness as the restaurant say.

Visit them with your friends at 48 Gordon Avenue.

7. The Vsnry

An Instagram worthy place to eat.

Everything you see in this café-restaurant is aesthetic. If you’re hungry and want something that will light up your Instagram feed, The Vsnry might be your choice. The food is not only looking good, but it is also delicious.  You can always visit them with your family or friends and enjoy its cool ambience.

Bring your barkada with you, take some good photos and visit The Vsnry at 87 Rizal Avenue Extension.

8. Ma’am Olive’s Café

Have a break with your schoolwork and visit Ma’am Olive.

School and work can be stressful and exhausting. Good thing you can always grab some comfort food at Ma’am Olive’s Café.

this café-restaurant has a comfortable ambience and friendly staffs. The food is great for its price, budget friendly for students. Their traditional Filipino dishes will help you ease your hunger. If you’re done trying their savory plates, give your sweet buds a treat with their pastries. Pull out the stress out of you and try their delicious cakes. If you are only looking for a snack, pair that cake with a cup of coffee.

Take a break, put down your pen, and visit Ma’am Olive at 22 Kessing Street, New Asinan.

9. Myleen’s Café and Restaurant

Another gem located at Barretto.

Are you in a mood for Mexican? Perhaps, Italian? Grab a plate of pasta together with your all-time fav Filipino dishes when you visit Myleen’s Café and Restaurant.

Feel at home with their cozy and warm atmosphere, try their food that is great for the price. If you love something meaty and saucy, you should definitely try their meatball spaghetti. Nothing beats a good meatball on a spaghetti. If your down for a plate of cheesy salad, you can order their caprese salad. Who doesn’t love mozzarella cheese?

Level up your sizzling appetite with their fajitas. It’s not every day you can experience Mexican at home. Add some spice to that simple tortilla and try their home-made refried bean tostadas.

Make room for dessert and try their pies! Everything is fresh and home-made it almost looks like you’re eating a pie from a cartoon show. Yum!

Be pasta ready and visit them with your family at 56 Nationial Highway, Barretto.

10. Wild Herbs Restaurant

Give yourself a break from watching Thai dramas and try some Thai food located at Barretto.

Do you want something spicy? Then you should visit Wild Herb Restaurant. They will definitely give you the right spiciness for your buds as they will adjust it for you. There are a lot of choices that will give you the authenticity of Thai food. If you’re not in a mood for Thai food, you can always try their other cuisines. They also offer Arabic, Filipino, and other Asian cuisines.

Leave your worries with your Thai celebrity crush for a minute because it’s time for you to try Wild Herbs’ Thai food at 124 RH 5 National Highway, Barretto and transform your stress with a spicy meal.

These top 10 restaurants prioritize all staffs and customers’ safety as they observe proper health protocols.

Have you decided where to eat yet? Olongapo is a small city, but it has a wide array of restaurants, and you will never run out of choices! But let’s be honest, sometimes choosing where to eat is like choosing what Netflix show we should watch. It takes time for use to decide. Good thing restaurants in Olongapo has a lot of cuisines, whether you like Filipino, Mexican, Italian, American, or Thai food; name it and you can all experience it at Olongapo. You will never go home with that empty stomach because you can always find the perfect meal for your cravings.

If you’re decided, wear your face mask, don’t forget your alcohols, and of course always follow health protocols and dig in with some of the restaurants in Olongapo delicious meals and tell your family, barkada and tropa to tag along with you.

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  1. This article is very insightful especially for me that is always trying to find new things to try. Thank you for writing and posting this! I would definitely try some of these restaurants I’ve never been to before :>

  2. I wish you could include Cuisina Imperia since they are booming now in Olongapo and they are all friendly. They started about 11 months ago and all of their food was distinct, it’s not the usual food that you can try everywhere. Food is superb for all meals are delicious. Make it one of your favs once you taste it. You’ll be able to taste sumptuous food at a reasonable price. You will never go wrong in recommending this food hub. I also hear that they are always supporting local farmers and local vendors as well.


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