Top 5 Best Samgyupsal Resto in Olongapo/Subic

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“tara samgy!” is an alternate craving phrase for “tara kape!” if you want something heavy− heavy enough to go home full and bloated but with a happy tummy. Let’s face it that we’ve become samgyupsal enthusiasts since pre-pandemic. The satisfaction it gives to our tummy is deabak (amazing). Not to mention it develops the bond with our family and friends. Nothing beats a lettuce filled with meat dipped in cheese while chikahan with your loved ones. Korean mukbangs hit different when you know that k-foods are good.

Let’s stop the torture of those mouthwatering mukbangs and grab your samgy buddy for our top 5 best Samgyupsal Resto in Olongapo City.

K-Bae-Boy Unlimited BBQ.

Do you have the kraze for Korean dramas? Korean pop groups? This place is perfect for you. You will never get lost finding this samgy house, its sign has a resemblance to PSY’s oppa Gangnam style dance pose located inside SM Central, third level. K-bae-boy will surely satisfy your kravings for pork belly and they play k-pop music in the background. The number one drill for this is you should come hungry. Why? Because its unlimited! Yes, from their side dishes to its main pork belly, its unlimited.

Bring your chingu and enjoy the k-vibe and fill your tummy with their best Korean flavors.

Yakiniku K-Resto

If you’re planning to eat some good pork belly but you’re in a budget, this samgy house is for you. They also offer unlimited pork cuts, side dishes and cold/ hot beverages. Aside from their name “Home of Unlimited Samgyupsal” they have promos for all occasions even for just a normal weekday.

If you are looking for a perfect samgy date place, then you can always visit Yakiniku. Enjoy the sea breeze with your loved ones while you eat and relax at the same time. There’s nothing better than a mouthful samgy by the sea. 

Feel the sea vibes while you eat and visit Yakiniku at Moonbay Marina, Waterfront Rd., Subic Bay Freeport Zone besides Pier One.

Seoul Korean Restaurant

We stan an authentic samgy house and by mean of authentic, there will be an ahjussi that will welcome you. If you’re too hooked watching Korean dramas every night, this resto will truly give you the Korean vibe that you always see in k-dramas. The very accommodating owners will give you a warm welcome and escort you to your table. Everything in their menu is a must try and absolutely won’t fail you on your Korean food trip cravings. If you want to take home one of their homemade Korean foods such as kimchi, baby potatoes and dumplings, you can always avail from their store without any trouble.

Bring your koreaboo friends and dine with Seoul Korean Restaurant near Subic International Hotel Laundry, Labitan St, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.


Although this one is a branch of the main restaurant, there is no lie that this is one of the best samgy house in the city. “Mapapasalamat ka sa sarap” is what we usually say in Filipino after having a taste with their samgyupsal. No wonder why most of our fellow samgy enthusiasts considered this as their samgy bias and has this food kilig expression when saying that this is a must try resto. Wondering about its price rate? People who tried this stated that it’s not bad and not a penny would be wasted for it was really a big win. Wide array of meat, many dipping choices and of course delicious side dishes. You would want to go to your social media accounts and hashtag craving satisfied.

Be samgy ready and visit the city’s branch at Greenwoods Park, Rizal Highway, Central Business District, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

VB’s Unli Samgyupsal

You already heard and (probably) tried the previous samgy houses that we listed; this is your sign to try something new. This one is a must try if you are in a tight budget but craving for a good pork cut. Starts at 199 pesos, you can grill, wrap and eat. You can always choose to upgrade and try their other unlimited offers. No time to visit their place but still craving for a wrap of samgyupsal? VB’s Mart has got your back (and your tummy). You can always order from their shop a set of samgyupsal and grill it at your home. Tap the order button and “samgyup sa bahay” is on the way.

Be chopstick ready and visit their place at #2 Otero Mabayuan (Arko of Mabayuan).

Are you now craving for a good wrap of meat dipped in cheese with unlimited banchan, rice and drinks? So do we. These samgy houses/restaurants are worth the hype for a few reasons: its price rates are affordable and worth it, its ambiance will give you that k-vibe you’re looking for, and lastly, its unlimited.

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