Top 5 Hidden Features of Microsoft Word

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For most people—especially students and employees, Microsoft Word may very well be Microsoft’s greatest invention of all time. Microsoft Word is a typical application usually used for digital writing or scribbling, saving, and publishing files invented for both professionals and personal individuals for different reasons. It’s been years since it was founded by Microsoft and still up to par when it comes to digital writing and editing. With its functions and capabilities, its main goal is to really help and assist people in creating documents that they need for studies, work, or any matter that can benefit the modern needs of business.

It’s classic to use Word in a simple manner by just writing, editing, highlighting, choosing the right font, inserting pictures and the likes. But do you think that those are the only features of Microsoft Word? Well, the answer is a big NO because there are other things that we can do with this application and it could really turn the world upside down if we can maximize its full potential.

The Word application offers a host of hidden features and tricks; below are our top five:

1. Converting from PDF or photo to editable Word Document.

Microsoft Word has its way of making things easier just like converting a mere pdf file or photo to an editable Word document without a hassle.

All you just need to do it to go to File tab.

Then click Open on the menu.

And then search for your PDF file or a photo that has words in it.

There will be a prompt then, so you just need to click OK.

Finally, once you clicked OK, you can now edit the PDF file and make it a Word file.

There you go, this hidden feature is for you to be able to edit or revise your PDF files or photos whenever necessary as rewriting them again on Word is quite a bother and waste of time.

2. Transforming Word Document into an Interactive Webpage

Now, we can transform Word documents into interactive webpages by just clicking a few things. It’s a great functionality of Word if you want to share your work to a colleague or classmate in an interesting way.

Here’s how:

First, click File tab on the upper left corner of your Word application where your current document is located.

Then, click Transform on the Menu.

Here, you will see different styles of Interactive Webpages. Choose your Style.

Once you have chosen your preferred style, you just need to click Transform and it will take you to Microsoft Sway link. By the way, Microsoft Sway is a presentation tool created by Microsoft. Not just like Microsoft PowerPoint, Sway aims to present to a digital audience and not a live audience.

Here, you can edit your work, navigate, and even share your webpage to anyone. It also has a mobile counterpart.

This feature of Word is a great approach for you to be able to showcase your word file in an interactive way.

3. Creating Résumés with Résumé Assistant

So, this is an impressive feature where you can check samples of roles for your job application right exactly on Word.

First, you just need to click Review tab.

Then, click Résumé Assistant.

Then Résumé Assistant screen will appear beside your document. Here, you can type your role and Industry.

After that, you will be able to see Work experience examples. This Word feature is powered by LinkedIn. You can also check top skills, articles to help you write your resume, and suggested jobs where you can apply.

This hidden feature of Microsoft Word is perfect for those individuals who are just starting to search for jobs or for those graduate students who are required to create their own résumés.

4. Using Formulas in Word

Yes, you’re right. Not only in Excel you can add formulas but also in Word. Formulas are great when you’re dealing with numbers or dates.

Here’s how you can access Formula.


First, you need to go have your table ready with number. Here’s an example.

Then go to the Layout tab.

After that, click Formula. A pop-up box will appear on the screen, you will just need to click okay if your preferred formula is already available or you can choose under Paste Function.

Then, after clicking OK, you can get the answer right away.

This is a great function especially when you don’t have an Excel open on your desktop.

5. Getting Add-ins

Add-ins are like extensions where you can really optimize the use of Word. There are different types of add-ins that you can choose from.

Here’s how you can access Add-ins.

First you need to click Insert tab.

Then, click Get Add-ins.

A pop-up window will appear. Here, you can choose your preferred Add-ins by either Searching it on the Search bar or just simply scrolling down. Then, click Add.

Your add-ins will show at the Insert Tab or Design tab depending on the purpose of your Add-Ins.

Once downloaded, you can click the add-in and it will appear beside your document.

There you go, you can now create the document that you want with the help of your add-ins. Isn’t that easy?

This feature of Word can help a lot of individuals where they can customize their documents into something better and unique or even improve their productivity.

So that’s it!

That’s our list of top five hidden features available on Microsoft Word. Which among these features is the most notable to you?


In this modern world, we really need to upgrade everything that is essential to us and Microsoft is doing a great job with this. Word is not just a mere tool for writing, editing, and publishing, but also a wonderful application with a vast of key features that we can use in our every day lives. Thus, given all these points, Word is creating a better world with its form and functions to ease our daily mechanisms.

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