5 Reasons Why I Deserve a Promotion

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Almost every employee wishes to climb up the career ladder because all of us want a raise in our salary and somehow a boost in our ego that we are in a higher position. Getting promoted is not a walk in the park. It is not something that could be gained just because you always nod at your boss. It is not like parole given to you for having such good behavior at work. Some people say that promotion is something that is deserved but actually, it is more on something that is earned. You cannot step up if your foundation is not firm. You need to prove yourself through actions and accomplishments.

In the previous WeInform article entitled ‘5 Clever Ways to Ask for a Promotion,’ numerous ways on how to ask for promotion were discussed wherein one will not sound too demanding. Now that you have the idea on the best possible ways to pop the interest about promotion, the question ‘Why do I deserve a promotion?’ comes after. Of course, you should not come unarmed. Once you are decided to ask for a promotion, you now need to prepare yourself to answer that question. Maybe you are wondering what could be the reasons why you should be promoted. Well, we are here once again to help you in your journey to career advancement. Here are the five things to flex to your boss to prove that you deserve that promotion.

1. I consistently achieve and exceed professional goals

Your career goals and how you achieve them say a lot when it comes to your performance as an employee. If you are consistently achieving your goals, it reflects your attitude towards your work which shows how dedicated and goal-oriented you are. Try to look back and count the achievements in your career as well as the contributions that you have done to your company. If you think that all the things you’ve earned give you a sure slot for your candidacy in promotion, then there is no reason for you to step back.

You might also want to flex your contributions that are beyond your responsibilities. Going outside your job description also shows that you have the initiative to handle more complex duties even no one is telling you to do so. Also, offering your extra time after you accomplished your own assignments also signifies that you have excellent performance with your duties and are ready at the same time for a new level of responsibilities.

2. I am proactive and innovative when it comes to solving problems

Having problem-solving skills is a great edge for you to be promoted. So, if you are a critical thinker when it comes to determining risks and coming up with innovative solutions, then you deserve to be promoted. Companies prefer those who are critical thinkers since they are the ones who could be relied on whenever there are more complex problems and organizational issues. You could prove it by offering innovative solutions to the current challenges that your organization is facing. Offering your new and creative ideas makes it easier for you to win the spot because brilliant employees deserve to be rewarded with a higher position.

3. I work well with other people

Showing your dedication to teamwork and collaborating on tasks together prove that you could work well with other people. Remember that this would one of the major reasons why you are more likely to be promoted. Having harmonious relationships with your colleagues and getting along with others signifies that your colleagues are okay with you. It will also be less stressful for the bosses because there will be less conflict within the relationships of the employees.

Establishing camaraderie is another point for you to become a good leader because you could handle relationships well. Also, there will be a healthy working environment because you are respected by your co-workers. If you are a troublesome employee, then do not hope to be promoted because you must also win the hearts of your colleagues, not just the taste of your superiors.

4. I’ve hit the growth ceiling in my current position

Before leaping to your career, you must first prove yourself that you performed your duties and responsibilities diligently in your current position. Having a bad record in your current job could tarnish your image as an employee, hence, putting you at a disadvantage once you aim for promotion. Therefore, you must grow and flourish first from where you started before going to another level. You need to prove yourself first because if you haven’t done something impressive, what more if you will be designated to a higher position? We must accept that we will start from the bottom and gradually, it would be our accomplishments that will raise us to the top.

5. I’ve earned enough work-related accomplishments

You must have the guts to market yourself for promotion if you have several work-related accomplishments for the past few years or months such as special projects you worked on, systems you organized and developed, problems you identified and solved, and the money you made for the company. Surely, you will be one of those who will be in the lineup for promotion because your achievements resonate with how great you are as an employee. Your excellence at work also shows that you are capable enough to perform more complex tasks and likely to resolve conflicts or prevent future risks in the organization.


It might be nerve-racking if you will be asked why you should be promoted but you should lay the follow-up questions with confidence. In the first place, you would not ask for it if you think you do not deserve it. You just have to prove yourself that you are worthy of the position. Indeed, you cannot get the sweet ‘yes’ if you will never ask for it so arm yourself with great qualities so that it will not be embarrassing to request a promotion. You may sell yourself to promotion all you want but the most effective ‘sales talk’ are all your achievements and contributions to the organization. You must be adaptable, brilliant, innovative, approachable, and goal-oriented because promotion is not a reward for just having a desirable behavior.

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